Friday, 22 January 2010

Noam Chomsky.

Remember the crazy intellectuals who you never really saw at high school except for in exam rooms? You know, the ones with no siblings and seven cats, who could regurgitate a three-hundred page textbook while you were snorting milk and trying to master the concept of French subjunctives? Well, Noam Chomsky was one of those kids. But he wasn't just one of those kids - he turned into one of those adults too. In fact, he's been one of those adults for a while now (he's 81). Anyway, Naom Chomsky has done quite a lot of stuff over the years, like once he re-invented linguistics with his 'generative grammar' theory, and then he became controversial in his critical view of US foreign policies because of the Vietnam war, so now he's a rather large cultural icon. Vice's VBS.TV recently got Kate Albright-Hannah to hunt him down in Ireland for a thorough chat about a lot of clever things.
Here's the video:

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