Monday, 5 April 2010


I generally find that Vice magazine's website puts forth some darn good things to look at. Yes, some of it is trying painfully hard to look like soooo original and hip man, but, equally, a lot of the content is (in my opinion) mentally enriching, like all the recent North Korea features. So today they pointed out some site to check out over the bank holiday lack of activity. And is it wrong that I was quite seriously amused by these sort of immature but ok-to-laugh-at-if-nobody-is-looking pictures posted on a website by David Keyes? I think he must have a spectacularly large heart, really, if he spends his entire week finding little bursts of human error to make the whole world smile to themselves during a moment of boredom. I wonder what he looks like. I wonder if he has a job. I'm now really worried that every week I'll suddenly find myself checking his website, almost religiously, to see if he can out-funny last week's world picture idiocy.

(click the images to see them properly, otherwise they definitely will not be very funny)

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