Thursday, 9 September 2010

Uwe Boll's Auschwitz.

Uwe Boll is a German film director. He is currently making a holocaust film called Auschwitz, but everybody seems to hate him and so he is angry. His film was not financed because he knew the concept would be shot down instantly as it is horrifically shocking, and so he just added a few grand onto the budget of the film he was already receiving cash for. Clever! When Stanley Kubrick was making a holocaust film, he had to abandon it because it was unwatchable. Boll says that "I think my movie will be almost unwatchable for most people."
Vice called him up to let him vent his frustration about not being in the pool of Oscar-nominated directors, and also to figure out why the hell not: It seems that the reason is possibly due to his earlier movies that were based on video games (Alone In The Dark, House Of The Dead), as they appear in the imdb's bottom 100 films... oops.

Maybe you would like to watch the trailer for Auschwitz:

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