Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Sunday Dinner with Jim.

In the 'swinging' 1960s counter-culture of London there was a Louisiana-born man named James. James was commonly known as Jim. Jim Haynes. And he slowly turned himself into an iconic underground figure. He went on to teach sexual politics in Paris, so you get the sort of character we're dealing with here. If you heard the name Jim Haynes and 'dinner party' would you get it? Basically, Jim has hosted a Sunday dinner party at his house in Paris for something like 25 years now, apart from the odd holiday he takes. Anybody is invited, you just gotta send him a message to say you're coming. The simple theory behind such an extravagant idea is that, in the words of Jim, "If I had my way, I would introduce everyone in the whole world to each other". Sounds fun, no? I have really wanted to go to Jim's for Sunday dinner for a while, but now After Eight have jumped on the Haynes bandwagon of cool and used this weekly soiree to promote their chocolate-covered social etiquette of never leaving until 'after eight'. In other words it's no longer got the clandestine gift of privacy, and so I'll never get my name on the list.

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