Tuesday, 15 December 2009

The Horrors at Clique.

Every Friday evening, sitting cosy underneath the vintage shops of the Northern Quarter, Manchester’s Club Clique hosts a frenzied digital dance discoteque. Bursting at the seams with the most perverse pop music, exhibiting the occasional celeb DJ (like Frankmusik, Florence and The Machine, Mystery Jets, CSS...), and displaying the heart of unfathomable fashion, Clique is the most stylish place to be if you got nice shoes and want some happy tunes. And it’s so cool, it’s underground. Literally. Anyway, the latest guests to adorn the lovely Clique decks are two members of the scariest London garage rock band around – The Horrors. Coffin Joe and Faris Badwan spin something special for us tonight, with 1960s vintage records and quirky Balearic up-tempo jazz to 'Clique' your fingers to (get it?).

A few snaps from Clique, 11th Dember 2009:

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