Thursday, 17 December 2009

Pirate of the Kate-ibbean.

I have just discovered this photograph of Kate Moss and Johnny Depp by Francois-Marie Banier. They were a beautiful couple weren't they. I love it.
Kate and Johnny met in January 1994 in Cafe Tabac (New York), stayed in a hotel together in February when there was a snow storm, rented a house at Christmas in Aspen and walked through the streets hand in hand, but the best bit is Kate's surprise 21st birthday party in 1995:
"Johnny said, 'We're going to dinner' - he's like, 'Put a dress on' and I'm like, 'I haven't got a dress'. So I had on this satin dress down to the floor, and he got the scissors and he's, like, cutting it up to the knee, literally, while we're walking out the door. I'm wearing, like, red satin up to the knee, all jagged."
They were together for four years, but then split because apparently Johnny was impossible to live with. In 2005 an article in the Daily Star quoted him as saying "I don't think I was very good for her"... probably not a good idea then that she met Pete Doherty ten years later?

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