Saturday, 5 December 2009

Vice & Vodafone Heroes: Henry Holland

Vice teamed up with Vodafone and spent the last few months working on a series of projects with some of their most talented friends, making short films, flying planes, building high-fashion wendy houses - that sort of thing. Obviously Vice brought cameras along to film everything too. There are loads of celebs on the website, and you can investigate each individual project by clicking on their floating head when the site loads up. You can see it all here -

Featured Hero: Henry Holland.

Henry Holland is an extrovert British fashion designer and is also pals with Agyness Deyn. He happens to work just around the corner from the Vice magazine office, and he's always knocking around Great Eastern Street in flamboyant trousers. Somewhere along the line him and Vice came up with the idea of building him a miniature, literal, House of Holland in the middle of his studio and somehow, Henry and Vice both went along with it without bursting into laughter. He even designed a bunch of exclusive work to sell from inside his petite fashion cottage. Vice brought along a camera for the House warming and now the place is part of their Heroes project with Vodafone.

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